Institute of Neurophysiology and Cellular Biophysics

Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. D. Schild i.R.

Methods used in the lab

PoissonNMF - blind source separation of fluorescence microscopy data

PoissonNMF is a ImageJ plugin that allows to decompose lambda stacks of fluorescently labeled samples into the contribution of the individual dyes, even if the spectra of the dyes are not or only approximately known. The method is described in Neher et al., Biophysical Journal. In addition to blind unmixing, the plugin can also be used for standard or non-negative unmixing.

Documentation and Examples

Documentation and tutorial using an example with three dyes imaged on Zeiss LSM meta 510

Download plugin

jarPoissonNMF.jar, Version 0.8.7


Richard Neher
Fabian Theis
Andre Zeug
Please address comments and questions to Richard Neher and notify us of any bugs you find.

Links and related plugins

Linear unmixing plugin by Joachim Walter: Spectral Unmixing Plugins


2009/02/25 (version 0.8.7)
Implemented the data visualization feature "Simplex projection".
2009/02/18 (version 0.8.6)
First release.